Jun. 29th, 2009

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My parents told me that it was "bus"....XD Apparently my sister and I were looking out a window and a bus went by and I said it....and then my sister Sheila chose to talk XD (we're twins) Well, fraternal twins...but anyway, yeah. Bus was my first word.
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Transformers 2:  *squees* Yay Starscream! I kept being reminded of Wormtail from Harry Potter as he was on screen though...onyl with more balls. Yes, that's it. Starscream is a robotic Wormtail who simply has more balls. Why does he have more balls? Because Wormtail would have never spoken to Voldemort like Starscream did to Megatron near the end of the movie. *mentions that there is confirmation of a third Transformers movie though it won't be out for awhile...obviously* It seems that Starscream will be having a bigger role, considering the line near the end of the second movie..."Cowards survive"...and Megatron was like "This isn't over"...and I was like "OMG THIRD MOVIE TIEM NAO? :D" .....when Sam nearly dies and the Primes are coming out of the light it's like they're coming out of Heaven. XD Just wanted to mention that.

Pokemon: (specifically the anime) ...Yes, past the Johto/Jhoto series of Pokemon......not counting the Suicune-episode in the Diamond/Pearl series...most of it doesn't do it for me anymore. *mostly bases her fanfic/art/whatever on the games anyway* 'Cause Ash/Satoshi godmods too much....DAMMIT A PIKACHU USUALLY CAN'T BEAT AN AGGRON. THE TYPE MATCH-UPS DON'T WORK OUT. GAH. XD .....I want the G/S remakes when they come out. Probably Soul Silver because I had a Silver when the original games came out when I was a kid...apparently in the remakes though, ANY pokemon can follow you around. *plans to have either a Suicune, a Lucario or a Swampert follow her around* BECAUSE THOSE ARE BADASS POKEMANZ AND YOUS KNOW EET BWAHAHAHA.

Avatar: I saw the teaser trailer when I went to see Transformers a few days ago....there's a tired looking white kid playing Aang.*sighs*...but the arrow tattoo on his head-even though you only see it for a moment-looks badass....*spazzed when she learned that Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire is playing Zuko* THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE  IT BWAHAHAHAsgiopapgaskldbgads'; ...........*coughs* Ahem. Sorry. XD

.....no, I did not have sugar today. It's just been so long since I've been able to rant so I'm acting crazy right now. XD

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