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It's of a father shooting his daughter's laptop.

Now, let me brief you all on the background behind this:

-the girl in question is 15.

-she complained (on her locked Facebook profile, mind you) about doing chores or something to her friends

-her father hacked into her Facebook account, found out about the complaints, and then he took her laptop. (That she saved up for and paid for with her own money) He shot it repeatedly with a .45 in a residential area and then, if that wasn't bad enough, video taped it and posted the video to YouTube for his daughter to be publicly humiliated.

You want to know what makes me even more sick?

People are applauding this man. They're saying that kids today are ungrateful and spoiled and so on.


This is abuse. You wanna know what this reminded me of?

My dad stomping on my old Nintendo DS right in front of me because I was being "disobedient". (He didn't know it was broken at the time though)

My cousin taking away my iPod for 7 months because I had an untidy room.


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I went to my therapist today and-besides complaining about the night crew's laziness at work-told her about how my cousin keeps saying stuff about me ending up in a group home. She said that it doesn't work that way. When I started telling her about my iPod, she said we'd talk more next week (she ran late and we only had a few minutes to talk). She did say that she thinks my cousin is overwhelmed, which...I guess I could see, though I dunno what she'd be overwhelmed about, exactly. Will post an appropriate reaction picture when the livejournal app stops being dumb about loading pictures.

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marikunin: (sakuramonsters) Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw. Actually I'm reading it for the second time-I'm underlining my favorite parts, you see. It basically shows how if Jesus were around physically today, people would crucify Him-or at least kill Him again-because He was/is/always will be a radical. An awesome, badass radical. In other news, yesterday my whole view on...well, a lot of things, were changed. Why? Because of a documentary on National Geographic. It was about albinos living in Tanzania...and how they're being murdered-some as young as 6 months old-and their bodies cut up for witch doctors' folk remedies. I felt so saddened by this. But more than that, I felt angry. Why was this happening? And even more of an important question, why wasn't the news covering it? I posted this onto my Facebook, and one of my church friends answered that the mainstream news is mostly propaganda.
     Which led me to look at my Jesus for president book, which got me to discover, where there's actual *news*, not just rabble about Lindsay Lohan's latest meltdown. Due to the past two days, I have decided to be an "ordinary radical" and try to live by my faith more. (and try not to be judgmental of people but more on that later) Also within the next few weeks I'm going to start actively working on my Gospel According to Avatar: the Last Airbender project. Mostly because they played the season 2 finale on Nicktoons today and I know the Guru is going to have to be multiple devotions/articles.
     Now, as for my cousin: she has a boyfriend. The other night he spent the night-they apparently stayed up most of it talking-and I had asked where he was gonna sleep-maybe on the couch? just out of curiosity. She was like "He's gonna sleep in my room what are you talking about the couch?" I was like "oh ok" because this had never happened before, and they are obviously serious.
The next day my cousin said she had gotten offended by what I had said the previous night, saying that I always talked about how my dad was so judgmental, and how I was so glad I wasn't living with him. But she said that I wasn't too far from him. Then she said that she was grown and it was her house and she could do what she wanted. I had said I didn't mean any offense-I didn't- and apologized, and that particular conversation ended. But for the rest of the day I was secretly!upset and wondering if I *was* judgmental. The only reason why I even ask or think about that type of stuff is because I want things better for the people I love-not that...dangit, now I'm worried I'm offending one of you guys! XP

It's just...ugh, I don't know. *throws up hands in exasperation*

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