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[Error: unknown template qotd] The 60s. Everything was about peace and love and change. I would like to return...since there's no Internet or video games in the 60s. As for bringing someone with me...*looks at a certain guy she loves* Who else would I bring? XD
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This shiny laptop : D
Nick found it for me on the HP Dell website when I told him that I was trying to decide what type of laptop I wanted to save up for. I had found one too, but it was $20 more expensive and not as powerful. XD The one that my man found is not too badly priced, the processor isn't bad, and Wi-Fi is built in! 

I mean, I won't be able to start REALLY saving until I get a job when I move out, but still. It shouldn't take me too long to save up for it...I mean, most of the money I'm gonna be making I'll be saving. Some will go to my cousin to help out, some will be spent, but the majority will be saved up. *is assuming that she'll get a minimum-wage job at Rite-Aid or something for the time being* Obviously I won't work there for my whole life, but for a little bit. :3

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Yeah. So I was biking home from the place I volunteer to. And I had music playing-from my cell phone-and the stupid little ear buds kept falling out. So I had to keep adjusting them. And biking with just one hand is....hard.
So yeah. You can guess what happened. So I have a big scrape on my right knee and a big scrape on my right elbow. (I fell mostly on my right side)

By the way, I'm making this journal Friends Only. Just because....okay, it's just in case if my parents find out that I've been using the computer here. So they don't see all my incriminating entries...

...*hopes Nick is doing okay* He says that he hasn't been sleeping well lately...
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....but this song keeps making my heart ache. Today my heart was aching more than usual for Nick...maybe it was because I was rereading Troy by Adele Geras and the depictions of love and romance and sex kept hitting me across the head. I dunno....*sighs*
...Love confuses me. It causes pain and yet the pain is pleasurable at the same time. What's with that? It doesn't make any sense...why did God decide to make me fall in love with Nick? Sometimes at night when I'm alone in my bed and my body and heart are longing for him, I wonder.

But I am grateful for this love. No matter how much it hurts. It is the most beautiful, painful, wonderful thing that I've ever felt. And there is no way that I will let it go.

Not in a million years.
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The weather is sooooo nice outside! It's like, 70 degrees or something, and sunny, and there are puffy white clouds in the sky and *flails* X3

I got an email from Nick last night. It was short, but he seemed to be in a better mood just because I had replied to him...^_^

...*wonders when the last time was when she put "happy" as her mood* Probably not in awhile...XD

....Help my eggs hatch? :3 Or help my Pokemon grow? (Just click)

...Meh. :3

Apr. 9th, 2009 09:23 am
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That's the soundtrack that I've made on YouTube for Nick and Me...:3

Tomorrow I won't be on since it's Good Friday and my parents'll be home...*thinks* Actually, I probably won't be back on until Tuesday. *shrugs* I'll survive, lol. Though I'm gonna miss you guys...XD I also have to look for a job today...again.
Watch this video now-probably the best Avatar: the Last Airbender AMV that I've ever seen. And yes, it's one of my favorite songs ever...XD Oh. Watch it in high-definition. Because it's awesome and deserves to be watched in high-def....damn, I swear...this band must've heard my soul when they wrote this song. It suits me REALLY well, and it's kinda scary how well it suits me.

By the way, who's seen the new Transformers: Rise of the Fallen trailer? *saw it last night at her college bible study near the end* It WAS SO COOOOOOOOOOL....*flails* Man, I can't wait until it comes out...*flails*


Apr. 8th, 2009 09:28 am
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For some reason I feel like people got angry at me because of my last LJ entry. Dunno why.
Anyway, I made a playlist for my friends and my life in general. Not done with it though...but here are some of the songs so far:

Your Call by Secondhand Serenade (for Nick)
Breathe Into Me by Red (feelings about my life in general)
Little Wonders by Rob Thomas (for Anna aka [ profile] blacpawnshadow )
All You Wanted by Michelle Branch (for John aka [profile] maga_sword )
Please Don't Leave Me by Pink (my friends in general)
Falling Away From Me by Korn (my inner darkness aka my angst)
Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield (for Jo aka [ profile] goldeneye101 )
Learning to Fall by This Beautiful Republic (to God)

 I still gotta find decent songs for my friends Melissa, Chelsea, and a few other people...hmm....
*wants to put She is Love by Parachute on the playlist but doesn't know how the song would fit in*

....applied to GameStop yesterday...hopefully they'll hire me....I need a job...speaking of jobs, I should go look for some since I'm in the village anyway...

...Guys, pray for me ok? I keep feeling like the devil has been messing with me for years-aka putting depressing lies into my head-and I want him to leave me alone. I mean...I haven't been as close to God as I should be so...anyway. Um...yeah. *tries to think of what to write about*

Oh, I had some HOT dreams last night, lol. Some were weird though...and some were hot. XD The Naruto one was...*blushes* Anyway...XD

Yeah, I'm going to end this entry now. *huggles her darkrai and lucario plushies* I want a Suicune plush....:3 But if I were to get one in the mail, I would have to hide it from my parents-aka put it under my bed-since they want me to "grow up" and give up Pokemon and stuff....*sighs*  Well, plushies are pretty small, right? Maybe it can fit in a mailbox...dunno, though...

*checks out a pokemon book from the local bookstore*  According to this, Rotom is a Legendary....huh. Never thought of the little guy as a Legend. XD

....the little cross that was on the necklace that Nick gave fell off about a week ago and I can't find it...: ( So I haven't been wearing the necklace 'cause it doesn't feel right without the little cross....*still has the necklace in her room though*


Feb. 4th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Nick got out of basic on the 30th! 

*talked to him on SuperBowl Sunday*

I felt so happyyyyyyyyyy....X3
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...I'm reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, as recommended made to by my's AWESOME.

This morning, when I was in the living room, I looked outside the window and saw a bunny rabbit. X3 It was eating some of the rare grass that pokes up from underneath the snow, and I was all like 'aww'...since I haven't seen a rabbit for months, literally. It made me feel happy inside.

So, I'm still missing Nick...and I pray for him every day ...

*wonders what animal she would be if she wasn't human* Random, I know...XD

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