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Wait does this mean Jarvis is dead since the house was destroyed?
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...that could possibly fit for my AtLA OCs. Remember that since it's AtLA I'm looking for Asian/Pacific Islander actors/actresses only. No white washing in my fan!casting.

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Sequels to any of the awesome Disney movies. *stares for a very long time at Ariel's Beginning and the Lion King 2*
...Star Wars, Episode 1, 2 and 3. DIE JAR JAR BINKS! DIEEEEEEE!!!
Batman and Robin (from 1997) was weird. And why the hell did Batman and Robin have nipples on their costumes while Batgirl didn't?
The 4th Harry Potter movie. All the Harry/Hermione scenes pissed me off, the out-of-proportion dragon pissed me off, a LOT of it pissed me off.
Epic Movie. It just plain SUCKED.
Inspector Gadget. NOOOOOOOO. (I didn't even like the cartoon when I was a kid-I just watched it when I got really bored!)
Alvin and the Chipmunks. I saw it with some younger cousins and had nothing to do otherwise, and I was just making fun of the thing the whole time. My other cousin-who was then 15 or 16 just kept laughing. The younger cousins and my then 10-year-old sister kept telling us to shut up. XD
Shark Tale. It's just...really, really crappy. And everyone knows the one shark is flaming gay. I have no problem with that, it's just that I kept waiting for someone to point it out in the movie.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The aliens just. Didn't. Make. Sense. And sad to say, this was the first Indiana Jones movie I saw. (Though I did see a few parts of Raiders of the Lost Ark on TV once and it was cool)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. They killed my childhood. And my love for animal transformations. And my love for Jade. And *rambles*
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. It just...didn't make sense to me, even when it came out. My sister and I kept wondering where our beloved video game characters were.
A.I. Hated the acting. Hated the ending. Hated it. Plus the fact that they pretty much offed the entire East Coast pissed me off.
X-Men 3: The Last Stand. There's just something that sucked about this movie...oh wait, I know. EVERY FREAKING AWESOME CHARACTER FUCKING DYING AT EVERY TURN.
Happy Feet. Why...WHY did you make the movie go to hell during the 2nd half? The first half seemed like the normal-outcast-finds-his-own-niche kiddie movie. But no. You had to shove environmentalism IN OUR FUCKING FACES in the second half. And what's the deal with making Elijah!penguin go insane in the zoo? That was fucked up, seriously. And why were the penguins and everything else CGI while the people were real? That was just WEIRD.
The Village. BAD M. KNIGHT SHYAMALAMALAMALAMA! *slaps him with a newspaper* BAAAAAD.
Catwoman with Halle Berry. I love Halle Berry. I really do. But Catwoman...ugh.
The Black Cauldron. Saw this on TV just a few months ago and I was surprised at how DARK it was for a "Disney" movie. And that it sucked balls. And not in the good way either.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the recent one with Johnny Depp) Hey, Wonka? STOP BEING A PEDOPHILE AND LURING CHILDREN USING CHOCOLATE AND LITTLE ORANGE MIDGETS. Gah, I'm sorry but the original was so much better.
Planet of the Apes (the remake). The human/monkey love was creepy and the ending was shit.
Casper. (the one in 1995) .....Just, no. NO. It was stupid, and I kept thinking to myself that "humans don't become angels when they die". Yeah. That's really it.
Pokemon Heroes. YOU KILLED LATIOS YOU BASTARDS SHOULD BURN IN HE sorry. I overreacted. *hides her flamethrower of fangirl doom*

There are SO many more that I can rant about, but I think this is a decent enough list. XD

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