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and of course I didn't commission like five or six more pictures *hides le email* ok it adds up to about $30 and I only did it cause I get paid Friday so my fund-to-see-Jordan won't be touched

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Until I can save up enough to get it repaired, it's unlikely I'll be
able to write much fic. Certainly won't be able to do picspams. Body
is adjusting to my meds again so they're affecting my mood as well.
Didn't have a good day at work today either. Won't even be able to
work on my Gospel According to Avatar project on Tumblr...:(
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This shiny laptop : D
Nick found it for me on the HP Dell website when I told him that I was trying to decide what type of laptop I wanted to save up for. I had found one too, but it was $20 more expensive and not as powerful. XD The one that my man found is not too badly priced, the processor isn't bad, and Wi-Fi is built in! 

I mean, I won't be able to start REALLY saving until I get a job when I move out, but still. It shouldn't take me too long to save up for it...I mean, most of the money I'm gonna be making I'll be saving. Some will go to my cousin to help out, some will be spent, but the majority will be saved up. *is assuming that she'll get a minimum-wage job at Rite-Aid or something for the time being* Obviously I won't work there for my whole life, but for a little bit. :3

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