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And a decent looking book on prayer. Now, as for the money...guess who brought herself a new netbook at Rite Aid with the money?
IMG_20120914_181648This dork!
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It's of a father shooting his daughter's laptop.

Now, let me brief you all on the background behind this:

-the girl in question is 15.

-she complained (on her locked Facebook profile, mind you) about doing chores or something to her friends

-her father hacked into her Facebook account, found out about the complaints, and then he took her laptop. (That she saved up for and paid for with her own money) He shot it repeatedly with a .45 in a residential area and then, if that wasn't bad enough, video taped it and posted the video to YouTube for his daughter to be publicly humiliated.

You want to know what makes me even more sick?

People are applauding this man. They're saying that kids today are ungrateful and spoiled and so on.


This is abuse. You wanna know what this reminded me of?

My dad stomping on my old Nintendo DS right in front of me because I was being "disobedient". (He didn't know it was broken at the time though)

My cousin taking away my iPod for 7 months because I had an untidy room.


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This shiny laptop : D
Nick found it for me on the HP Dell website when I told him that I was trying to decide what type of laptop I wanted to save up for. I had found one too, but it was $20 more expensive and not as powerful. XD The one that my man found is not too badly priced, the processor isn't bad, and Wi-Fi is built in! 

I mean, I won't be able to start REALLY saving until I get a job when I move out, but still. It shouldn't take me too long to save up for it...I mean, most of the money I'm gonna be making I'll be saving. Some will go to my cousin to help out, some will be spent, but the majority will be saved up. *is assuming that she'll get a minimum-wage job at Rite-Aid or something for the time being* Obviously I won't work there for my whole life, but for a little bit. :3

...Meh. :3

Apr. 9th, 2009 09:23 am
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That's the soundtrack that I've made on YouTube for Nick and Me...:3

Tomorrow I won't be on since it's Good Friday and my parents'll be home...*thinks* Actually, I probably won't be back on until Tuesday. *shrugs* I'll survive, lol. Though I'm gonna miss you guys...XD I also have to look for a job today...again.
Watch this video now-probably the best Avatar: the Last Airbender AMV that I've ever seen. And yes, it's one of my favorite songs ever...XD Oh. Watch it in high-definition. Because it's awesome and deserves to be watched in high-def....damn, I swear...this band must've heard my soul when they wrote this song. It suits me REALLY well, and it's kinda scary how well it suits me.

By the way, who's seen the new Transformers: Rise of the Fallen trailer? *saw it last night at her college bible study near the end* It WAS SO COOOOOOOOOOL....*flails* Man, I can't wait until it comes out...*flails*

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