Dec. 26th, 2011 11:28 am
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My brother-you know the one who's into conspiracy theories and stuff-thinks it's bad to celebrate Christmas because it's a pagan holiday. *le sigh*

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Yes, that's Santa riding on a fire truck.

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1) Gift Art!

Refs under here! )

2) Books, please! Specifically on different cultures and/or religions if possible! Art books are good too. Like the Okami art book!

3) iTunes gift cards~

4) A:tLA stuff! Especially if it's Water Tribe or Korra themed! (check eBay and etsy)

Yeah I haven't thought much about Christmas, lol.

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First panel: Woman: Our women's group wants a nativity scene on the lawn of the courthouse. We've already got a whole bunch of signatures on our petition.

Second panel: Jesus: I wish you guys would stop it. You're not doing yourselves or Me any favors when you try to force your faith on others. Makes you look ugly.

Third panel: Woman: There's a War on Christmas in the country, Jesus. It's not "The Holidays." it's CHRIST-MAS! Jesus is the reason for the season!

Fourth panel: Jesus: Fine then, if the Reason for the Season says pestering the town for a nativity scene is stupid. Plus someone always steals the Baby Me.

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If I d a list of the things I want (mostly books) would anyone get em for me? Cause last year I posted a list and didn't get much. :/ At least I don't remember getting much...*head is in the clouds again*

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marikunin: (Default) the mind/head!space at least. Tayne's parents came somehow and brought a ton of gifts. Aang sang a really nice Air Nomad song that was meant to bless everyone present. Ye Shu ended up joining in and that was when things got all bright and pretty.
After the carols, the presents were opened, and somehow Artemis and Athena got into an argument over who had the best present. ^^;
eventually though Giratina and Entei set up the huge buffet table and everyone stuffed themselves, lol. I'm just enjoying everyone's happiness at the moment.

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Dec. 18th, 2009 10:45 pm
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HE'S SITTING ON MY DRESSER LOOKING TWICE AS BADASS AS USUAL (he's missing an eye which looks like he got into a fight)


the christmas present she got me is going under the tree...:3

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