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Because of the incident described here. Lemme know if you sign the petition! (warning: contains description o animal abuse)

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Because of the following two pictures.

Behold the cute.

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I was born under the Snake even though I don't really believe in astrology. And no...well, first since I'm a Christian...second because I'm too cuddly/mushy to be like a snake...XD
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Ooh, I like this question! 

My dad would be a camel. (I don't know why he just would)

My mom would've been a mother bear. (Cause she was protective and loving of her family like that)

My brother would probably be a raccoon because even though you'd think they're dirty they actually do cool stuff like wash their hands before eating.

My sister would be a rabbit or a butterfly because she's kind of a softie like that.

And I'd be either a lioness or a sheep because I'm strong and yet I still manage to stay somewhat innocent.
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I'd appreciate it...:3
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...I'm reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, as recommended made to by my's AWESOME.

This morning, when I was in the living room, I looked outside the window and saw a bunny rabbit. X3 It was eating some of the rare grass that pokes up from underneath the snow, and I was all like 'aww'...since I haven't seen a rabbit for months, literally. It made me feel happy inside.

So, I'm still missing Nick...and I pray for him every day ...

*wonders what animal she would be if she wasn't human* Random, I know...XD

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