Aug. 1st, 2012

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A cab driver harassed me sexually. Let me explain what happened. I needed to buy a new phone because my old one had somehow died. The cab took over an hour to get to the local library (I'd been misheard over the phone and they'd gone to the wrong town) and I momentarily blacked out visually due to stress when they drove right by me. It was a weird feeling, but it's happened before. Anyway, so it was this guy Omar.

At first, he was nice, explaining what happened. Then he saw the self harm marks on my legs and kept wincing when he saw them. (I told him it was due to a cat.)

Then he taught me a word or two in Spanish and I taught him a word or two in English. After I brought my phone was when things got...uncomfortable. Earlier in the conversation, I had told him my age (he had wondered because I looked so young). He'd noticed my arm muscles due to working out and then saw my leg muscles due to all my walking.

He put a hand on my leg. I thought he wanted to feel my muscle or something. But then he wouldn't remove it. I was confused-I wanted to believe the best of him-but hoped...well, I hoped. Then he took my hand and put it on his leg. (He was wearing jeans) Then he slid it to...well, I didn't feel anything there but jeans but he winked at me. Then he tried to feel my breast. I was like "No!" in a clear, firm voice and he backed off. But because his phone is connected to the cab company, he tried calling me a few times after I left, though he stopped after fifteen minutes.

...I haven't been able to get the incident out of my mind.

The night that it happened, I was very quiet and Dean said via text that I was probably disturbed. Here's the thing. This is really the first time I've been harassed/propositioned in any way. This is uncommon in American society as females and female-looking people get harassed all the time. But I've been spared the brunt of it mostly due to my young looks and how I dress. I'm usually mistaken for a teen if not younger. So there's that.

I took off work the next day because I was so upset over it. I felt-and still feel-somewhat dirty. I felt horrible because now Jordan wouldn't be the first to (try to) touch me in an intimate way. Kate said that what the cab guy did is completely different than what consenting adults do in a committed relationship, and I know that. But...still.

I haven't told anyone in real life about this yet. I haven't even reported the guy, but only due to the fear that upon calling the company, it may go to his phone.

I mean, I told him I had a boyfriend but still, he...sigh I took off work again today too, because I still don't quite feel like myself. I'm gonna go tomorrow though...

...if any of you wanna report him for me, feel free. The # to call is 8455658989 and the offender in question is named Omar.

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