Jan. 16th, 2012

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Me: *reading the newspaper and sees in the crafts/hobbies section a teenager making beads “to beat autism”* D: *emails lady who runs the crafts/hobbies section* I found the article/site offensive. When looking at the site, I found that, like most mainstream autism awareness sites, it thinks being neurodivergent is a bad thing. I’m autistic, and I like how I am. Autism doesn’t need to be “beaten” or “cured”. People’s prejudices do.

The crafts/hobbies lady: I’m so sorry that you found Michala Riggle’s web site and cause offensive. I believe you should love who you are. However, some people, who have autism (like Michala’s brother, Evan) find it hard to live with. Since it is a spectrum disorder it affects people and their lives differently. I’m glad you are living your life embracing autism. It is to be admired and commended.


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Jan. 16th, 2012 05:59 pm
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By watered down I mean that society has twisted MLK Jr's legacy to be about white people and watered the man down to be a peace loving polite guy like how history has watered down Jesus. In reality both men were fierce as fuck.

Any I found this on tumblr and it explains my thoughts much better than I could. )

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